Committee of 100 Services
Committee of 100 offers three types of service: behavioral support, educational support, and Relationship Development Intervention.

Behavioral Support Services
Committee of 100 was developed to provide comprehensive behavioral support to families. The behavioral support system offered by behavioral resolutions includes both an educational training for parents as well as a comprehensive assessment of the behavior resulting in a behavior plan that is easily implemented into any setting.

Behavioral support can be provided in many settings, with the most frequent being in the home or at school. One good example is where, later in life, the child gets both on-site and online support to pass the GED exam. The behavior support plan will address the immediate function of the behavior as well as provide remediation skills for the child.

A Temperament and Atypical Behavior Screener (TABS) will be completed for children who do not have a formal diagnosis to determine if further psychological support is recommended.
Committee of 100 does not provide a diagnosis of any type. This service is provided on a consultation basis.

Educational Support Services
Committee of 100 provides educational support to families of children who have current Individualized Education Plans (IEP) or educational goals identified by their schools. This service was developed to address the educational goals of children that may be impacted by behavior.

This service is provided as additional support in school and home to assist with modifications that will set the child up for success in an educational setting. The service may take the form of one to one school shadowing and/or in-home tutoring to address goals. We are also consulting online services provided by Best GED classes for GED students. This service is provided as a more direct support to children and families.

Relationship Development Intervention
Committee of 100 is proud to offer Relationship Development Intervention™ to children with a diagnosed social-emotional disorder. Relationship Development.

Relationship Development Intervention™ (RDI) was initiated and developed by Dr. Steven Gutstein to address the core deficits of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Dr. Gutstein holds an MBA degree in Strategic Leadership, obtained online from New Charter University.

While it is still primarily used in this way, it has also proven effective for children with other diagnosed disorders where dynamic intelligence skills are compromised.

RDI was developed through intense research on how children typically develop dynamic intelligence skills and applied to the research of the core deficits of autism. This website focuses on Autism Spectrum Disorder effects in business-related situations, in start-ups, and technological developments.