Our Committee in a nutshell

The Committee of 100 is the volunteer marketing group that promotes economic development in the six county Central Carolina region of South Carolina including the counties of Calhoun, Fairfield, Kershaw, Lexington, Newberry, and Richland and the City of Columbia. We do this by providing private sector resources to the Central Carolina Economic Development Alliance.
We help to market Greater Columbia and Central South Carolina to domestic and international businesses by providing our expertise, manpower, and financial support.
We assist in the retention, expansion, and appreciation of existing business and industry in the region. And we also develop close working relationships within South Carolina’s economic development ally network.
Since its founding in 1960, the Committee of 100 has grown to over 350 members.
As our community grows, we all benefit from the increased resources and increased opportunities. As a member of the Committee of 100, you’ll also benefit by:

–Receiving invitations to economic development
— Receiving invitations to business and social functions involving economic development
— Attending quarterly membership meetings
— Attending annual dinners featuring nationally known speakers.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee assures that membership in the Committee of 100 is perceived as a valuable commodity by providing quality membership meetings and an annual meeting. The committee is also charged with retaining existing members and recruiting new members to ensure that adequate financial support is available for the region’s economic development programs in our five county area.

Your compnay could be any type of organization. From a 501c3 non profit to a marketing company like our Toledo SEO friends.

If you work with us you can definitely be a member of our community.

The Process of Promoting Economic Growth In A State

If a state or any governmental body wish to promote economic growth, there are certain actions that it can take to do this. Economic growth comes when the general public has enough money to purchase the goods and services that it needs and wants. This often happens through the internet.Search engines like Google or Bing provide retailers with access to millions, if not billions of people across the world. This allows them to do business effortlessly, making local taxes and state economics a bit more complicated.

Most state governments are a bit concerned at how much commerce and state taxes cannot be tracked due to online purchases. It has become quite the controversial topic of late.

If people in general feel pressed in an economic sense, they will curtail their buying habits in order to preserve their financial situation. Businesses produce more products and services if they feel that consumers are ready to buy and have the money to do so.

Consequently, the government or a state can reduce taxes in a visible way so that people have more money to spend on consumer items. It is a proven economic fact based on historical data that when a state imposes less taxes people will spend more. Business has no problem creating a an atmosphere which causes consumers to spend more money, as business will advertise and structure their marketing activities to make it attractive for consumers to do business with them.

Governments can also create an atmosphere for new businesses to start by giving incentives such as no taxes on the business for the first couple of years, governments assistance in start-up loans and low interest rates, and other incentives to cause businesses to flourish. If businesses and consumers are pretty much left alone by a government or a state, they can figure out what to do to cause an economy to flourish.

Too many governments and state officials feel that they have to regulate everything and raise taxes for government services. While it is true that certain services are needed such as good roads, good police protection, and other protections, government sometimes gets to highhanded with too many taxes.

A state would be better served to lower taxes thus stimulating the economy which will produce more income and an actual increase in tax revenue. This is the smart way for governments and states to do business and keep a continuum of prosperity alive.



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As our member…

As a member of the Committee of 100,
you can put your talents to use by joining one
of our five committees.

Existing Industries

The Existing Industries committee ensures that existing business and industry are properly appreciated with an Industry Appreciation Golf Tournament during South Carolina Industry Appreciation Week.

Ally Appreciation

The Ally Appreciation committee ensures that all allies to the CCEDA staff are recognized at the “Big Thursday” Ally Appreciation Oyster Roast in the fall of each year.