Early Detection and Intervention of Hearing Impairment

Deafness is the most common birth defect – every day, 33 babies are born with some form of hearing loss. The average age at which deafness is identified in the U.S. is 30 months, well after language and learning disabilities may have developed. Despite these numbers, approximately one-third of all infants go home from the hospital without having their hearing tested. The… More →

Sign Language for Early Development

In this post, we’ll address the concept of sign language, what to look out for, and how to deal with issues. The need for enrichment classes targeted towards babies and small children have grown to be extremely popular in the US. Teaching sign language to children as youthful as 6 weeks, and perhaps even younger, is really a growing industry,… More →

How Motivation Effects Behavior

Human motivation influences behavior in two main ways: 1. Motivation determines the direction of behavior and thus change the organism’s relation to its environment. Sensitivity to certain stimuli is increased, causing the relevant external stimulus pattern to win over competing ones. Thus a hungry student smelling breakfast cooking may not “see” and correct the disarray of his room whereas the same young… More →

Behavioral Support Services and Education

Behavioral Support Services and Therapeutic Options Do you think your child may be struggling with substance abuse? Is your child’s anxiety or depression impacting them academically and socially? Are you fearful that your child may be suicidal? Is your child struggling with a mental health disorder(s) that is creating difficulties for themselves and the family and has become unmanageable? Have… More →

Early Childhood Education and Development

It is the duty of parents to protect their children’s wellbeing and good health. Child protection, safety, emotional stability, and development are just a few aspects of child education. So let’s take what it takes to give your child a well-rounded early childhood education so it can develop in balance. The last few years, we’ve seen more and more concern… More →

Team Building?

In a world of dot-com extravagance, where wild-water rafting trips and team building retreats are common, Andy’s Web-based communications company offered something special: a week on Maui to celebrate a successful year. But Andy (who asked that his name and that of his company not be used for fear of angering his employer) says his week in paradise quickly turned… More →

Professional and Personal Development

To Achieve More – Learn More Gain new insights and ideas on personal and professional development through training programs, self-study courses, group interaction and personalized coaching. If you want to achieve more, learn new skills, become more proactive, collaborative, creative, productive or successful invest a few minutes to read more.   To fit today’s lifestyle and work style it has… More →

Parents Should Teach Their Teens About Money

Money: everybody wants more, especially your teen. However, financial responsibility isn’t always easy. Teens need advice and your knowledge when they deal with money. The first big financial decision many teens make is about their first car. Don’t let your son or daughter ruin his or her credit score and financial future by taking out rash loans with variable interest… More →

Does Chiropractic Cure Arthritis?

Arthritis patients constantly ask themselves whether if it is possible to use chiropractic therapies for the arthritis problems. As simple as it can be put, chiropractic can produce the best results for arthritis patients. It addresses the root cause o arthritis and in the long run, arthritis patients will have the best results when using the chiropractic therapy. What is… More →