Parents Should Teach Their Teens About Money

Money: everybody wants more, especially your teen. However, financial responsibility isn’t always easy. Teens need advice so let’s take a closer look at what parents should teach their teens about money The first big financial decision many teens make is about their first car. Don’t let your son or daughter ruin his or her credit score and financial future by… More →

Does Chiropractic Cure Arthritis?

Arthritis patients constantly ask themselves whether if it is possible to use chiropractic therapies for arthritis problems. As simple as it can be put, chiropractic can produce the best results for arthritis patients. It addresses the root cause of arthritis and in the long run, arthritis patients will have the best results when using chiropractic therapy. So does chiropractic cure… More →

How To Pay Off Student Loans

The average undergraduate student leaves school with between $25,000 and $52,000 in student loans, questioning how to pay off student loans and still live life comfortably. For the past 10 years, college tuition has steadily increased, leaving 2/3 of the student population to borrow money to pay for college. This has largely shifted the burden of attending college to private student loans.… More →

Libraries of the Future

The major libraries of the future are being formed right now, and the Internet in particular – and technology in general – are important ingredients. These libraries are different from those of past generations because of the psychology of their creators, principally individual collectors, who happen to be leaders in technology. They don’t collect to impress people, to create an image,… More →

Online Behavioral Tracking

In the old economy, marketers pitched products based on past data-buying habits and demographics collected by mule mail, often weeks or months old. But in the Internet economy, anything in marketing is possible – even knowing what consumers want before they do thanks to online Behavioral Tracking. “The business model of the past was make and sell,” notes David Ross,… More →

Is the online classroom environment the best solution?

With the world still recovering from a vast recession, there has been much talk about the future of online education and the benefits it provides both educationally and economically. Tuition fees of both private and public universities, as well as community colleges, are pushing towards various types of online education course initiatives. This large push towards online education suggests that… More →