Professional and Personal Development

To Achieve More – Learn More. This is a post about professional and personal development. Gain new insights and ideas on personal and professional development through training programs, self-study courses, group interaction, and personalized coaching. If you want to achieve more, learn new skills, become more proactive, collaborative, creative, productive or successful invest a few minutes to read more.


To fit today’s lifestyle and work style it has become necessary to put personal and professional development training within easy reach – training that can take place anytime, anywhere.

Each of these methods offers an opportunity for people to gain new skills, build relationships with people, help them understand a changing world and show them how to believe in themselves and excel at whatever they do. It is important to make that opportunity available to all who seek it because in today’s business climate being smarter is a requirement. In personal and business relationships there is great satisfaction in being the best that we can be.

Finding the time to follow this path of continuous learning can be a challenge, but not impossible.


There are, generally spoken, two kinds of seminars: Public and Customized.

Public Seminars bring high-quality training to people in a convenient, cost-effective and time-efficient format. They are often advertised through local papers, radio, and mail marketing campaigns and held in theatres, hotels, conference centers, and auditoriums. Usually, you pay a fee, attend a half-day, full day or two-day seminar with lots of other people.

It’s a format that involves a motivating, energetic presentation by an expert, getting your questions answered, participating in discussion sessions, work groups and sharing a sense of camaraderie with fellow students. In the same way that parents teach their kids about money. Customized seminars are usually organized on behalf of a specific group. Some examples would be:

A medium to large size company that wants to add or enforce a special dimension to its business practices. For example, a company that wants to train their employees on a new customer service policy could do it through a seminar.

Athletic, cultural, self-help, or community-minded groups who want to share new ideas, enlighten the membership or focus on solving problems or planning for the future. A community resource association might hold a seminar on how to attract, train and motivate volunteers, a football team might want to hold a session on building or strengthening team spirit, and don’t forget that there are so many scholarships available today.

Conventions or trade shows often offer smaller meetings or sessions that focus on timely or relevant topics. A trades or entrepreneurial show might have a seminar on a guideline for buying a franchise.

Seminars are great because of the interaction between the leaders and participants, the exchange of ideas and the opportunity for obtaining a clear understanding of the subject matter.


Then there are home study programs that put professional training within reach of an entire population. People can listen to tapes while they commute, while they exercise or do household chores. Watching a video in the privacy of your home at a time you choose is convenient. Using your computer for learning is an interactive innovative way to attain new knowledge and skills.

Self-study programs are a cost-effective means of educating ourselves, acquiring knowledge or attitudes, and developing skills. These are the academic libraries of the future!

There are hundreds of topics to choose from and most of the subjects fall into categories that will be explained here. We have listed some known examples of training available in a seminar or self-study format. We are not listing the names of the presenters or the company that sells the training or sponsors the seminars. However, an internet search will give you this information. You may also find some valuable links on our site. The list that follows is not absolute, it is simply the tip of an iceberg. However, it will serve as a guideline if personal and professional development is a new subject for you.

If there is an attitude, behavior, or skill in personal or career growth that a human being might require desiring to learn or to enhance, there is likely a self-study program or seminar that is available to help, also in chiropractics. Whatever a company requires: to increase business, satisfy and motivate employees, or build for the future, there is a seminar ready to be customized to suit the company demands.